Cleaning up your SAP systems with the SAP usage monitor

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To successfully target your work with increasing productivity and efficiency in a your business working with compliance management is a good idea. Compliance management makes it easier to reach your goals in your company, to minimize risks and to increase productivity and efficiency.

SAP offers software solutions designed to help your business in working with compliance management. One of these services is the SAP usage monitor – a tool that supports your company’s compliance and makes it much more transparent.

Get help with the cleaning up

Monitoring your system is not an easy task. But with the SAP usage monitor this job is being done for you. The SAP usage monitor helps you collect data about the users in your system and this makes it much easier for you to clean up the system and share information throughout your organization.

In many companies using SAP 20-50% of all user role-assignments are not in use. This clutters the system with too many inactive roles and disturbs the order and transparency of the system. Here, the SAP usage monitor can help you with the cleaning up by gathering information on every user and their activities showing which assignments are being used and which are not.

Saving company money through monitoring

Monitoring your business and gathering statistics are just some of the tools to use for  compliance management. Even though you might think that monitoring your own business is not that important, monitoring often shows that there are a lot of money to be saved in different areas of an organization due to lack of overview and updating of structures within software systems.

The SAP usage monitor software among other compliance management solutions can minimize costs for you company by updating your system.


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